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Browsing the Digitized Slip Archive

Navigation in the Digitized Slip Archive is integrated into the publication platform of the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae. Note: For detailed information on organization and use, please consult the online-dokumentation of the Digitized Slip Archive of the Wörterbuch der ägyptischen Sprache.

Results display and navigating within the Digitized Slip Archive: When being displayed in the scope of the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae, the image of a specific slip of the Digitized Slip Archive will be shown at the centre of the page. The unique and quotable document number of this image will appear in the entry field in the upper left-hand corner above the image. Users may enter another (eight-digit) document number in this field and have the corresponding image displayed by clicking on the "Display" button at the right-hand side.

With the "Scale" field farther to the right, users may choose a smaller scale for the slips to display.

The list box in the right corner above the slip image offers two modes of navigation to switch back and forth between. Either users may navigate within the "Results set", that is, navigation in the archive will be restricted to the group of images linked to the lemma in the lemma list this particular search was started from. Or they may switch to navigation within the "Complete archive" allowing users to move without restriction through all the currently available material, ignoring lemma boundaries.

Navigating in the Digitized Slip Archive The navigation buttons are arranged in the bar to the left of the slip image. Directions of navigation are indicated by angle brackets on the buttons ("<" or ">"). There are different types of slips: slips (Z = Zettel), citation slips (B = Belegzettel) cited in the five reference volumes (Belegstellenbände; 1935-1953), rider cards of the first rank (R1 = Reiterkarte der 1. Ordnung) or second rank (R2 = Reiterkarte der 2. Ordnung), and lemma cards (L = Lemmakarte). All documents in the archive are considered "slips" (Zettel/Z):

Start   to the first image
<L to the previous lemma card
<R1 to the first rider card of the first rank
<R2 to the first rider card of the second rank
<B to the previous citation slip
<Z to the previous slip
>Z to the next slip
>B to the next citation slip
>R2 to the next rider card of the second rank
>R1 to the next rider card of the first rank
>L to the next lemma card
Ende to the last image

Failure of a requested navigational move will generate an error message marked in colour.

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