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Display of references to a lemma

The search results display shows the lemma with detailed information in the header. Following are specific references (in sentence format, in chronological order). References consist of the following components:

  • 1. A line containing information on the specific text word (transliteration, translation) and on the text reference is made to (material on which the text is written, inventory number, short name of the text, number of the line (highlighted in colour); and
  • 2. The actual reference sentence in transliteration and translation, with the query word marked in red.

Three links in the first line allow to navigate in the entire text, and up and down the hierarchies of the text database:

  • "[Co-text]": displays an extended co-text segment from which longer texts may be fully navigated;
  • "[Text]" takes users to further text information such as bibliography, dating, provenance, etc.;
  • "[Environment]" shows where the text is positioned within the hierarchical object or text tree structure.

Finally, a scribal abbreviation [siglum] refers to the editor who entered the text into the database.

All transliterated text words in the references displayed may be clicked on. Clicking on such a word will take users to the level "Detailed information on a lemma", from where they can navigate to the references of a new word. Both transliterated words and translations may be marked by a superscript "[C]" or "[H]" referring to comments or notes on the spelling of a particular word. Clicking on these raised letters will show the content of associated footnotes.

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