Verzeichnis der Hilfe-Dateien

Detailed information on a text/ object within the database

A variety of details on Objects, Parts of Objects, Scenes and Texts may be filed into the database. Information on each Object and Text is introduced by some descriptive data:
- bibliographic data referring to selected scientific literature. Sigla are used to provide further information on the content of the literature cited. B = bibliography, F = facsimile, H = reproduction of typeset or autographed hieroglyphs, K = comment, P = photography, T = hieroglyphic transliteration from the Hieratic, U = transliteration, Ü = translation. Essential passages are marked with an asterisk (*).
More data provide for the chronologic and topographic classification of a specific object or text, referring to the whereabouts, provenance, dating, type of object, and script.
All details need to be considered within the context of the position the relevant object or text takes within the overall hierarchy. Some pieces of information make sense only for superordinate tiers, others merely for subordinate ones.
Meta data rather serve to subdivide the corpus for filtering purposes in the context of queries. They do not provide a more detailed description of objects.
From the view "Detailed information on object/text", users may navigate to "Show position within object hierarchy", in order to get a clear picture of the larger context a specific object or text is embedded in, and to trace other objects or texts belonging or related to the former. The last line lists the editor of an object or text.
Navigating from what is displayed within the object hierarchy down to text level is always possible. This is where users will eventually arrive at the wording of a text.

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