Verzeichnis der Hilfe-Dateien

Display of a text within its context

Apart from descriptive metadata being put out, the wording of a text is shown as running text. Start of text and end of text are marked. Longer texts are divided into sections. The links "[Start] [Back] [Continue] [End]" placed above and below text sections, respectively, allow users to move through the entire text.
The left column contains the Egyptian text in transcription, with a sentence by sentence translation shown to the right.
Each word in the Egyptian transcription may be clicked upon. In this way, users may get to the lexical database's "Detailed information on a lemma" to look up the details of a given word. Users may check the meaning of a word, and, from this point, proceed to look up other citations of the word (see above, "Citations of a lemma").
A superscript "[C]" or "[H]" within transcription or translations refers to comments or notes on spelling.
Translation sentence by sentence is above all meant to help users find their way through the Egyptian original. It does not aim to provide a perfect rendering into the target language.
Each page of reproduced text will start with links leading to "Information on the text" and the position of the "Text within the hierarchy of objects", ending with the name of the editor of a given text.

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