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Rules for encoding hieroglyphic spellings

In order to encode hieroglyphic spellings, just enter the codes of the individual signs constituting a specific spelling, with the codes partitioned by spaces. Due to theoretical reasons (Seidlmayer 2006) there is no possibility to influence a sign's positioning. Signs are automatically grouped to form and size.

Sign codes may be looked up in the sign list of the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae. Clicking on signs in this list will automatically insert the corresponding codes into the entry field. (However, this function will be available only if the browser being used allows JavaScript programmes to be run.)

In addition to the codes provided in the sign list, substitute codes may be used that are based on the signs' common phonetic values as defined in Buurman et al. 1988, 41ff.To support compatibility with those entry conventions, entering of all codes for separating and positioning (-*/()&) signs defined thereunder will be accepted. However, these codes are of no consequence as they are (internally) translated into spaces. In contrast, codes for the rotation, reflection etc. of signs as defined in Buurman et al. 1988, 7ff. will be treated as errors.

J. Buurman et al., Inventaire des Signes hi?roglyphiques, Informatique et Egyptologie 2, Paris 1988
S. Seidlmayer, Bericht über eine Hieroglyphenschreibmaschine, in: GM 209, 2006, 81-90

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