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Results of searching for objects and texts by their names

A search for object and text names is always run simultaneously in both the Egyptian and the Demotic text databases. The results of a direct search for object and text names appear listed. Top on this list is the type of tree node, followed by the node's name and its full name resulting from the node's position within the tree hierarchy. Clicking on the symbol of a node type, users may open, in this specific position, the tree structure representing the hierarchy of texts and objects and continue navigating from this point. Clicking on the names of objects and texts in the second column will take users to details on a specific object or text.

In this context, it is important to note that not all database entries meeting the search criterion will be listed, but only the top-ranking entry within the text and object hierarchy. To view all entries found, the search needs to be continued within the tree hierarchy, using the links offered by the list.

A new search may be started using the search form at the top of the page

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