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Searching for the combined occurrence of two words

Using the search form allows to search for citations (Belegstellen) of two words co-occurring. The first of the two words is the lemma pre-set in detail view. For the second word, the lemma number (which is visible only under "Detailed information on a lemma") needs to be explicitly entered.

Alternatively, lemmata for word 1 and/or word 2 may be replaced by word categories chosen from a drop-down list. In this case, an additionally entered lemma number will be ignored.

There is an option for both lemmata (or word categories) to pre-set whether exactly this specific lemma is to be searched for, or all super- or subordinate lemmata of a hierarchical group. In most cases, the second (default) mode is the better choice.

In order to restrict the search, users may set a minimum and a maximum (word) span for the second word to be positioned to the left or right of the first word. The current maximum span is limited to ten (default setting). Clicking on "Search" will start the query.

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