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Selecting functions for specific texts or corpus segments

The links provided on this webpage allow users to call up query functions for specific texts or segments of the text corpus. Current options enable users to:

  • Analyze the relative frequency of the various word classes present in the text corpus. This analysis is combined with type/token statistics being put out.
  • Search for the most frequent words in the text corpus. This search may be restricted to certain word classes.
  • Analyze word frequency distribution. This analysis, too, may be narrowed to certain word classes.
  • Analyze a text's or corpus segment's key words. Key words are words that occur significantly more often within a given text or partial text corpus than they do in the overall corpus, so that they are content and/or stylistic markers of this text or partial text corpus.
  • An index of names, titles and epithets identified by citations and overall frequency is provided.
  • An index of all words (excluding names, titles and epithets) is provided, with the options of grouping these in purely alphabetical order or by word class.
  • Detailed information on a specific word is provided. This information includes (an optional) listing of all citations and statistics pertaining to the frequency of this specific word in a text or partial text corpus, also in relation to the entire corpus, and relative to other lexeme
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