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Index of the words of a text or corpus segment (excluding names, titles and epithets)

Concept: This function allows to generate a word index for a text or partial corpus, excluding names, titles and epithets, for which a specific search function is in place.

Calling up the form for the index of words, users will find the partial corpus to search pre-set
- Using the drop-down list "Run analysis for", users may opt for the index to be generated for top level lemmata within the hierarchy of the lemma list (suggested), or just for individual lemmata.
- Using the drop-down list "Display results" allows for the entire inventory of words to be shown in alphabetical order or grouped by word classes.
- The check box "List all citations" allows users to choose between all citations of a word or its overall frequency to be requested.

Results: Words will be shown in alphabetical order, and, if need be, grouped by word classes. For each word, citations and overall frequency will be shown. Citations are provided with a link leading users to view the context. Results will be shown in segments. The buttons above and below the results table allow users to browse the results set.

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