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Statistical information on a word

This function allows to retrieve data relating to the occurrence of a specific word in a text or partial corpus. These include both citations and statistical data on word frequency.

Calling up this function, users will find the partial corpus for which the analysis is to be run pre-set.
- The lemma number of the word to search for needs to be entered into the "Lemma number" field. Users will find this number under "Detailed information on a lemma", looking up the specific lemma in the lemma list.
- Using the drop-down list "Run analysis for", users may opt for the index to be generated for top level lemmata within the hierarchy of the lemma list (suggested), or just for individual lemmata.
- The check box "Display citations" allows to select whether or not the citations of a word are to be shown.
- The check box "Statistic information on frequency" allows to choose whether or not statistical information on the frequency of a word is to be displayed.

As a Result, all citations of a word and its overall frequency in the partial corpus will be shown, if requested. Citations are provided with a link leading users to view the context. Statistical information, if requested, includes the frequency of a word in the partial corpus searched, its relative frequency in the entire database, and the key word statistics (please see Key word analysis) associated with these frequencies.

In addition, the following data are provided for the word class the word under investigation belongs to: the total number of lexemes (types) and words (tokens) and median lexeme frequency in the partial corpus under investigation (= test corpus).

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