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TLA Korpus-Ausgabe 18 online

On November 24, 2023, we released the 18th issue of the TLA corpus: https://thesaurus-linguae-aegyptiae.de. At the same time, more processor power was granted to the server.

Präsentation of the new TLA at the ICE 2023 (Leiden)

Presentation: Werning, Blöse, Dils, The New Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae: Corrent State and Near-term Prospectives, ICE Leiden, 9.8.2023.

Presentation slides: download.

(Webseite) Egyptological Unicode Fonts

Egyptological Unicode Transliteration Keyboard

Publication of the Keyman keyboard layouts for Egyptological transliteration in Unicode, AAEW-German-QWERTZ, AAEW-US_Int-QWERTY, v2.01.