Egyptological Unicode Fonts

Egyptological Transliteration

Recommended fonts

Font Styles Download License Comment
Leiden Unified Transliteration-ready
New Athena Unicode (> v5.007) Regular, (italic), bold OFL False italics
Junicode Two Beta Regular, italic, bold OFL  
Charis SIL, Charis SIL Compact Regular, italic, bold OFL new to v6.2 (Feb 2023): Egyptological Yod (ꞽ/Ꞽ U+A7BD/C)
Gentium Plus, Gentium Plus Compact Regular, italic, bold
Andika, Andika Compact Regular, italic, bold (sans-serif)
Not LUT-ready
BBAW Schoell Regular OFL Regular only; used in BTS/TLA;
Egyptological Yod (ꞽ/Ꞽ U+A7BD/C) missing;
LUT-ready successor TLA Ancient Egyptian under development

Egyptological transliteration keyboards

For information on how to use Unicode transliteration on the keyboard, see here.

Unicode codepoints

Special characters

Minuscule Unicode codepoint Majuscule Unicode codepoint Comment
U+A723 U+A722  
U+A7BD U+A7BC new: Unicode v12 (2019)
'i'&U+0357 'I'&U+0357 Legacy workaround
ï U+00EF      
U+A725 U+A724  
ʾ U+02BE      
U+1E25 U+1E24  
U+1E2B U+1E2A  
U+1E96 'H'&U+0331  
'h'&U+032D 'H'&U+032D  
ś U+015B Ś U+015A  
š U+0161 Š U+0160  
U+1E33 U+1E32  
U+1E71 U+1E70  
U+1E6F U+1E6E  
č U+010D Č U+010C  
U+1E6D U+1E6C  
U+1E0F U+1E0E  
č̣ U+010D&U+0323 Č̣ U+010C&U+0323  

Special signs

U+2E22 U+2E23  
U+27E8 U+27E9 Unicode recommendation for pointing angle brackets

Overview in PDF format.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Recommended fonts

Font Download Comment
Supporting Unicode v15 (i.e., with controls)
Egyptian Text  
Supporting Unicode v5.2
New Gardiner  
JSesh font Few malformed glyphs (v1.0), see
Font designer is informed. Watch out for font updates.
Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs 
Corrected fonts (beta):
Many malformed glyphs (v2.0), see
Font designers are informed. Watch out for the progress of that issue.
Segoe UI Historic (comes with certain MS Office packages) Few malformed glyphs (v1.03), see
Aegyptus Some malformed glyphs (v5.03); not maintained anymore(?)
Aaron Experimental; many malformed glyphs (v1.0), see
Font designer is aware. Watch out for font updates.

For mistaken forms in different fonts, see (general glyphs; = appedix in:, (beard shapes). Please, watch out for eventually corrected font versions.

Egyptological hieroglyphic keyboards

  • Keyman keyboard Hieroglyphic by Christian Casey from
[Text: D.A. Werning]